How an Instagrammer reminded me to love yourself

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What are you going to do for you today?


Really, what are you going to do to love yourself today?

For your well-being, your mental health, your sanity. To remind yourself that you love yourself. That You, yes capital letters are needed here, that You are important and deserve some care and attention.

Because it starts with you, you know that right? We want to look after the world and in doing so we often forget about number one. Do you find time in your day to do more than exist? Let me tell you a little story.

Admittedly this is a bad habit, but one of the first things I do after turning off my alarm in the mornings is check emails and social media. In my defence, the alarm is on my phone so it’s pretty easy to get sucked in to the little notifications. This morning, I ended up on Instagram scrolling through gorgeous photos of perfectly plated food, perfectly happy families and then a tired looking lady who reminded me of me, which made me stop a second to read what was underneath her pic.

This epic girl boss spoke of being drained and needing time to practice some self love. For her, it meant taking a long shower then listening to her favourite music for a little while. Just taking some time out to be in the moment and to regroup.

This entrepreneurial warrior spoke of the importance of looking after your mental health and acknowledging when it’s time to take five and break from your busy work schedule. She reminded me of the importance of just stopping and being able to simply be for a minute.

Because maybe a minute is all you have.

I know between work and home life it may seem like there’s not any time in your day to regroup and look after yourself but you may not need more than a minute. If it means sitting on the edge of the bath after you finish brushing your teeth, closing your eyes and playing your favourite song on your phone for three minutes, then do it.

Three minutes!

Three. Whole. Minutes. To yourself. I know when my daughter was a toddler that would have been more attractive to me than The Rock sitting in my living room naked, dripping in maple syrup, reading an Eric Jerome Dickey book. Don’t judge me.

I’m probably going to say this a lot on beingTinuke but it’s so important that I share what little wisdom this big head here holds. One thing I’ve learned the hard way is that there is only one you and you are the best at being you. Granted, that does mean that even if you’re feeling crappy and run down, you’re technically still the best at being yourself but you won’t be the best you or in the best position to be there for those you love and care about.

So find that break in your day that’s especially carved out for you. It could be a walk to the shops at lunchtime for an ice cream that you sit and relish slowly before returning to wherever it is you came from, or using your train commute to get some words out on paper, something that for many can be so therapeutic it’s unreal, trust me, that’s when I get most of my writing done. This post on embracing your side hustle? Written on a train. Word.

Whatever your weapon of choice, please take time to do something just for you. Because although I might not have met you, I care about you, soppy and clichéd as it sounds. So go ahead and love yourself.

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