Fairmont Hotel Chicago

Hotel room fairmont hotel chicago

Situated just minutes away from Chicago’s infamous Golden Mile, The Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park is ideally situated for both leisure and business travellers wishing to stay in the windy city. When I visited this brilliant four star hotel, it was not only windy, but covered in a thick, unforgiving blanket of snow for much of my stay. Thankfully, the reception I received from the staff was anything but frosty.

View from Fairmont Hotel room Chicago

View from my room – can you see the snow?!

I’ve stayed in quite a few hotels in my lifetime and it’s the doormen at The Fairmont who have left the best impression on me to date. Remembering my name may be par for the course but remembering my more random idiosyncrasies are what set them apart from the rest. The staff within the rest of the hotel were just as keen to show off their impressive eye for detail throughout my stay.

Hotel room fairmont hotel chicago

My room. It stayed spotless for at least 2 minutes

I’m gushing a bit, I know, but this was such an amazing hotel stay. My room was comfortable, with a lovely view of Downtown Chicago. Spacious, with two double beds, a seating area, separate workspace and beautiful bathroom, it would have been easy to skip on the sights of ‘the Bean’ and Willis Tower in order to spend a day chilling out in my hotel room, only leaving in order to make use of the complimentary fitness suite (sign up to Fairmont President’s Club) and to eat dragon roll sushi in the hotel’s Aria restaurant.

Desk space fast wifi Chcago four star hotel Fairmont

Desk space and fast wi-fi = result!

I admit to not even making it down to the restaurant on a few occasions and binge eating sushi and sashimi rolls in nothing but a t-shirt whilst watching soap operas on the 42 inch flat screen televisions. But that’s what hotels are for, aren’t they?

Chicago at night

Beautiful Chicago view, moments from the hotel

Tip: As I mentioned earlier, it’s a great idea to join the Fairmont President’s Club before or during your stay. You get complimentary wi-fi and a host of other benefits including free use of fitness suites within the hotel and Fairmont Fit, a brilliant service where everything from Reebok trainers, yoga mats and fitness wear is delivered to your room so you can work out for the duration of your stay without the hassle of bringing your fitness gear with you. Extra room for the Garretts popcorn you’re certain to pick up during your stay!
For a full list of Fairmont President’s Club benefits click here 

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  • Reply Kate/WitWitWoo July 4, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    How did I miss you going to Chicago?! Was it work or pleasure? I’d love to go some day so will be picking your brains! x

  • Reply Tin July 5, 2015 at 7:54 am

    Was supposed to be work, only they never paid me lol! Short lived role as an online Editor for a start up….
    Chicago is an awesome city, I’d go so far as to say I’d gladly live there! Delicious food, all the shops you’d ever need but half the crowds of day, New York!
    Pick my brains Kate!

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