Chilli Cool brings authentic Chinese tastes to Bloomsbury

chilli cool chinese restaurant

Blink and you might miss it. Unassuming and off the beaten path of the nearby Euston Road, this Chinese restaurant is a gem in the crown of Bloomsbury. Not swayed by the influx of hipster-cool, overly simplistic three item menus, all organic or tourist touting eateries, Chilli Cool plays to one fundamental strength: a delicious array of authentic Chinese dishes.

If you’re looking for well priced meals in London with generous portion sizes then Chilli Cool’s Szechuan style offerings may be the perfect place to grab a meal with friends and family. We went in a group of around 16 people and were seated around two round tables easily.

The restaurant specialises in traditional hot pot dishes, a popular mode of dining in Northern parts of China. If you fancy a hot pot, there is a separate entrance specially for this, it’s not hard to spot as the wafts of steam floating seductively from the boiling pots on the tables are a great giveaway. For those of you who need more of a clue, it’s the door to the left!

As the restaurant name may suggest, their dishes tend to be on the spicy side so it isn’t for the feint hearted. Even the vegetable side dishes have dried chillies on them…

chilli cool family dining london restaurant

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