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Blogging: It’s not about the money money money

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It’s not about the money. Seriously. I’ve been writing online for the past 6 years or so, on and off. Sometimes I’m totally in love with the blogging world and others it seems so jaded, so full of self promotion and no self love that I step back and take a break. It’s usually at this time, when I’m disillusioned that I ask myself what it is I do this for. Pour my thoughts and feelings out, my randomness, photography etc onto the web. Is it or the fame? The money? Ha! Nope, because although there are ways people make full time incomes out of blogging, for each person who quits their job, gets a book deal or full time speaking gigg from their blogging, there are hundreds of others who will simply never get there.


No matter how talented their writing style, how much your heart skips a beat when you read their words, there just isn’t enough room for us all. Just picture an iceberg, with that one success being the part you see breaking free of the water and hundreds of others beneath the sea’s surface. If I were to blog with the intention of being that one person who makes it big, the pressure would be unbearable.


That’s not to say that I wouldn’t want it. Who am I kidding?! The opportunity to pay all of my bills from my writing and photography? Yes please. I would grab it with both hands and put all the energy I had into this. My point is, that I’m putting the enjoyment of the writing first and then if more comes, it’s a beautiful, poetic bonus, rather than the end game keeping me up at night, tormenting me with how fickle it can be.


You see, I think it’s part luck as well as a load of hard graft. With thousands of blogs to choose from, what makes mine, or yours stand out from the crowd and rise to the top? Sometimes it’s as simple as your post being retweeted by the right person at the right time and being picked up by a larger syndication. Suddenly you’re viral and people who’d never have read your words or seen your work are flooding to your site in droves. You can SEO the hell out of your work and have it all come down to one tweet, one reddit thread or one Facebook share.


One of my most popular blog posts over on went viral for a short time purely because it was shared on a forum where a person was being a dick and called it the most depressing thing they’d read. A bit of click baiting on their behalf as it really wasn’t that depressing. It was a post on how expensive an outdoor cinema was and why I wouldn’t go even though it seemed like a nice concept. It took ages to figure out why my stats were going through the roof and when I did, I was pretty upset for a bit until a fellow blogger pointed out that whatever the reason for the influx of readership, it was great as I’d gotten free exposure and maybe even gained some readers out of it. I didn’t. But it was still sweet that she suggested I might.


As with any hobby or passion, the age old advice is to do it because you love it and hope that the riches and recognition follows. Because that way, even if it doesn’t you won’t have been wasting your time, rather you’d have honed your skills and enjoyed your time. That’s pretty much how I see this. Blogging is amazing. I meet lovely people both virtually and in real life through it. The community is supportive and bad ass. If I never earned a penny from it, it wouldn’t stop me from taking part, the same way a Sunday league football player wouldn’t mind never stepping onto the Arsenal pitch based on his or her efforts there. Or so I think, I’m rubbish at football and have no idea what goes through their minds!


Do you have a blog? What’s it about? Leave a link and let’s connect. I’m all about growing this online community. Let me know what your thoughts are on what I wrote too.




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