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Hey nosey person / really cool reader! I’m Tinuke and as you’ve probably already noticed, I’m partial to exclamation marks, over enthusiasm and the odd dash of sarcasm, dry wit which means you’ll either love me or find me infuriating. Hopefully, you’re in the love me camp right?

A blogger for over 6 years, beingTinuke is my newest house on the blogging street. I used to blog about all things parenting but the small one got to an age where she wasn’t that keen on having her life online and I didn’t really fancy writing about her anymore anyway, so this is more about what I like, what I’ve learned and things I’d like to share with you to help you grow either as a person or as a blogger.

I live in the UK, about 45 miles away from London and I’m still getting used to life outside of the city. Photography, food, writing and travelling are my main passions, which in the 2010’s is probably the same for 90% of the population, but meh, it’s the truth. I could always pretend to be obsessed with something a bit more niche like botany or brewing beer but it would be a lie!

I hope you enjoy beingTinuke xxx


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