My 5 favourite photos of last year

Man sleeping on london underground train

Photography and blogging go hand in hand these days. It’s not just about what you write, it’s about attracting people to your content too. Much in the same way that when you’re in a book shop a cover can draw you to your next purchase, the featured image for a post can draw you into that post and make you click to open it.

Bloggers are jacks of all trades, learning the importance of a gripping title, SEO, photography, social media and writing great content. Six years in and I’m no pro, mostly because I’ve been at it more as a hobby than to gain worldwide success, but even so if you look at the first few posts on my blog Circus Mums, you can see I’ve learned a thing or two over the years.

I enjoy writing but I also love the passion for photography that blogging has introduced me to. Many of the images never make it online, but there are thousands of family photos sitting on hard drives which I’ll be able to look at in the coming years with pride.

I got to thinking about what images I’d put forward if someone asked me to choose my favourite photographs from the past year. It turns out I’m my own harshest critic because out of thousands of images I found no problem in whittling my favourite images down to a handful.


close up of girl with braids on brick wall

Close up of my daughter

I took this photograph of my daughter during the summer holidays. She looks so grown up and there was something about her eyes that just makes me stare in awe.

I made her.

Sometimes I just catch my breath when I think about that. I’ve hundreds of photos of this beautiful princess, but this is my favourite from 2015. It was taken on a happy day, we’d gone to the South Bank to take part in the Shrek’s Adventure experience.


Man sleeping on london underground train

Man asleep on the London Underground

I took this photo late on a Sunday night on the way back from a photography class. It was shot from the hip. I loved the lines on this man’s face, it made me want to know what he was thinking / dreaming about and reminded me that everyone has a story to tell.

I’ve always been really shy about taking photographs of people I don’t know but this was the first day that I wondered around London doing just that. It’s all thanks to the confidence I mustered from attending a workshop with Paul Hames earlier that same day. Paul told me I had an eye for photography and it’s probably the first time I took myself seriously. Before this day I’d always felt a bit of a fraud!



Reena eating an ice cream on a sunny day

My friend Reena eating an ice cream


I love this photo! I asked my brilliant friend Reena if she’d play guinea pig and let me take some photos of her. She was kind enough to oblige and make the epic journey from her home in London to mine in Hertfordshire. I plied her with the promise of a bbq and an outdoor neighbourhood cinema, so it was a pretty sweet swap to be fair!

I love the way the light bounces off Reena’s hair in this photo and how it wasn’t posed. She was eating her ice cream and having a good old chat with me whilst I sorted out the ISO and this was one of the first photos I snapped at the bench, others followed which were more posed and had more purpose, but this one is by far my favourite from the shoot. It’s natural, it’s vulnerable and it sings summer and happiness.



Young girl in lavender field photography

Daughter in the lavender

This photo had to be in my top 5! I think what makes it work is the purple coat and it’s funny because she nearly didn’t bring it. The rain started pelting down on the car as we drove off and I reminded her to bring it. The rain didn’t stop by the time we’d reached the fields but my daughter still wanted to pick lavender so we all put on our waterproofs and went for it.

The purple coat amongst the purple flowers. Oh and those lines! I love the lines. For me, this photo is just lovely.



Amber coloured glass light shade

Yes, this really is one of my favourite photos!

I love the marriage of old and new. This was taken in Hotel SP34, Copenhagen in my hotel room in the spring of 2015. The townhouse hotel had been beautifully renovated and was very sympathetic to its roots, but full of gorgeous, modern touches such as this coloured glass geometric light shade.

I can’t really explain it, but this picture encapsulates my whole Copenhagen experience. A perfect marriage of historic and modern.

      * * *

These may not be the most technically brilliant photos I’ve taken, they might not stir any emotion or opinion one way or the other in you, but they are my favourites nonetheless.  This year, my confidence has improved and I’d like to think my skills have too. This year, maybe I’ll conquer post production and evolve with my photo taking too.

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